Dishwashing Debate When Considering Water Conservation

Three years of lower than average rainfall exacerbated by a record dry 2013 in parts of California are causing behavior modification to lessen our water usage. At my home, we have bought a 5 minute shower timer, are practicing the whole “if it’s yellow, let it mellow…” thing, not pre-rinsing dishes for the dishwasher and watering the outdoors very sparingly. While irrigation is by far the biggest consumer of water, there are plenty of areas in the home to conserve water.
As far as dishwashing goes, there is continued discussion on what uses less water- dishwashing machines or hand washing. That depends on a couple of factors. A fairly modern dishwasher, especially if it is Energy Star rated, is thrifty in water usage. If you pre-rinse combined with using your dishwasher than water is definitely being wasted. Modern dishwashers do not require pre-rinsing except for the toughest of dried on foods. In that situation, soaking will usually remedy the problem. Be sure and always run your machine full!

When hand washing dishes you can also conserve water. Fill a side by side sink with soapy water in one and clean water for rinsing in the other. Two buckets work just as well for single sinks. The answer to the question of hand washing verses machine washing dishes and water use is not definitive one way or the other. There are a few variables to consider. By being conscientious you can save water with whichever method you choose.

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Why Choose House Cleaning Services Sacramento for Your House Cleaning Necessities

There are a lot of people who are experiencing difficulty in cleaning their house especially those people who owns larger house. In cleaning a house there are so many factors that can affect the effectively of doing the job correctly. These factors include time, knowledge, experience and many cleaning services sacramentoGreen Cleaning Services

If you lack these factors there is a greater chance to do the job wrongly. Having people who are well capable of doing the job correctly will greatly affect the money and effort involve for house owners.

House cleaning services Sacramento are among the best and reputable house cleaning company. They are composed of well experience and knowledgeable employee capable of handling any situation related to the job. With their expertise your house will experience the best treatment and revolutionary cleaning services ever. The house cleaning services Sacramento are dedicated to serve clients with the best offers that come with reasonable prices. If you are among people who are having trouble and difficulty in cleaning your house, then is ideal to hire those that are well capable of doing the job efficiently and correctly.

Being able to have this houses cleaning Sacramento you will save more money as well as effort. With their advance and tested cleaning materials, they will clean your house and everything in it appropriately. There is no need to further trouble yourself with house cleaning problems, because the house cleaning services Sacramento will help you with the best services for your house to look neat and clean as much as possible.

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Green and Mean Effective Mildew and Germ Killer

When we desire to kill nasty germs in bacteria in the kitchen and bath there are eco-friendly and non-hazardous “potions” to get the job done. Here is a very simple recipe and essential oils are the key. Research has proven that some essential oils have broad antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Essential oils are typically found at health food stores or you can always order them online.

This recipe cannot be technically called a “disinfectant”. The reason being as it has not been classified as such by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Fill the spray bottle with water and then add the tea tee and lavender oils. Shake gently before use. Important, first wipe any spills, water stains, etc. from the area being cleaned. The last step will be to spray the solution of the surface and let it dry. Do not wipe it off! Congratulations, you have disinfected safely and left a very pleasant scent behind!

Recipe for Mildew and Germ Killer

  • 16oz spray bottle
  • 2 cups water
  • .25 teaspoon tea tree oil (about 25 drops)
  • .25 teaspoon lavender oil (about 25 drops)

California Green Clean is happy to take cleaning off your “to do” list! We provide excellent residential cleaning. We are a very experienced professional house cleaning service. We have been serving the Sacramento Valley since 2007 with our green cleaning services. Our cleaners are professional, well trained and background checked. We carry both worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Please call us at 916.497.0333

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Removing Stubborn Toilet Bowl Stains

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House cleaning typically involves scrubbing and the toilet bowl is no exception. Toilet bowls stains are often caused by hard water. We have hard water in the Sacramento Valley and it can cause rings in the toilet bowl. This has nothing to do with if or if not the toilet is clean. The stains are mineral deposits. The solution we have here at California Green Clean is a pumice stone. A pumice stone is the ultimate in green cleaning! No harsh chemicals, just a piece of naturally occurring pumice.  They are awesome at removing unsightly stains. Pumice stones are often used to remove calluses on feet so they can often be found in the skin care section at your pharmacy or big box store. They are also sometimes available in the cleaning department.

To remove the stains, soak the pumice stone in water for 15 minutes to avoid scratching the porcelain. Drop the water level in the toilet by flushing and then turning off where the water source comes out from the wall. Be sure and wear gloves and scrub away. On colored toilets gently try the pumice stone first to make sure you will not remove the color.  A little elbow grease is needed.  All done, the unsightly stains are gone and you have a sparkling toilet!

If you choose not to scrub your toilet or just don’t want to clean your home California Green Clean is happy to do it for you! We provide excellent residential cleaning. We are a very experienced professional house cleaning service. We have been serving the Sacramento Valley since 2007 with our green cleaning service. Our cleaners are professional, well trained and background checked. We carry both worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Please call us at 916.497.0333 or

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Residential Cleaning Services Effective Cleaners of Homes!

With a hectic and busy life, residential cleaning services have become a remedy for millions of people. Cleaning of homes requires ample of time and energy in these modern days as houses have an extensive outlay of furnitures, home decor, gadgetry and many more. Thus, after a long day at work and everything, homeowners lack the necessary energy to go ahead with house cleaning and, thereby, cleaning becomes one of the most hectic and complex work.

Immense amount of dusting and scrubbing is required once cleaning up of residence is taken in concern. Even in case of moving into a new property cleaning becomes mandatory. Therefore, house cleaning Sacramento is an organization which comes into action in such occasions. These services are extremely effective today as one can get its work of cleaning completed very easily and it even wipes out the headache or the amount of sweat one has to devout in terms of cleaning a house.

It may seem unusual to have strangers roaming about  one’s house, but this is the best service available which is extremely time effective. It may not seem a good thing to have strangers view the mess of ones family has created, but after the service has been rendered, it becomes much easier to keep the house neat and tidy. Residential cleaning service can be availed on a frequent basis through a proper schedule. Cleaning up of store rooms, cupboards, living rooms, even outside cleaning up of the garden is some of the tasks which people would often offer someone else or professional cleaners to do. With professional crew taking on almost everything that a residence can present, the aid is always there but it costs a price.

To moderate the blow of the expense, many homeowners would soon realize that with the professional service of house cleaning Sacramento has actually escalated the value of their property.

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